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Rhonda Ryder is a sought-after coach, author and licensed Evoke Method™ Practitioner who has studied Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction for over 25 years.  Trained by Gina Mallison herself, Rhonda has been using the Evoke Method™ for over a year with clients because…well…it works! This technique shifts the client’s vibration faster and more consistently than any other modality Rhonda has experienced.

When her Delicious Alignment clients (women seeking help to love their bodies) began asking her to coach them on additional topics such as life, relationship, health, physical pain, business and abundance, it became clear it was time for Rhonda to expand her coaching services to a broader audience so that she could serve those seeking to feel better, ultimately paving the way for them to attract more of what they desire into their lives.

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“I love helping clients calibrate up the vibrational scale on just about any topic. To watch someone go from hopeless to hopeful in a single session (for instance), and then solidify their new vibrational setpoint over time is incredibly rewarding and magical! It elevates us both!”

Rhonda Ryder

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My coaching style is less about giving advice and more about helping you clear away any resistance keeping you from accessing the answers already inside you.

In fact, you may be surprised how little time we spend talking about the contrast (problem or challenge). Instead, we quickly move to a solution-oriented direction where my aim is to help you move up the vibrational scale and experience a powerful shift.

For example, if you’re feeling frustrated about an incident at work or an argument with your husband or wife, I help you move closer to the emotion of relaxation, trust or relief. However, you are the one who finds your happy place and names the emotions. I am simply the vehicle or the “tool” to gently guide you there – step by step.

While the emotional shifts can be big or small, they are creating a new vibrational setpoint for you, especially when you receive weekly sessions: A “new normal,” where you begin to live life from a higher vibration on a more consistent basis.

From this place where resistance no longer blocks a particular desire from materializing, anything is possible.

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The Evoke Method™

Here’s what I love, love, love about using Gina Mallison’s (pictured on the left with me on the right) Evoke Method™. It’s a method that bypasses the analytical mind (you know, the part of our brain that tends to overthink everything) and gives you a direct line of communication to your Inner Guidance.

After I take you through the three steps of this process, answers come to you that give you a sense of freedom and ease. Answers that feel like truth – your truth. Answers that empower you and can literally change your life. The blinders are taken off and the sinking, worrying feelings often disappear.

I know this because I am a recipient of The Evoke Method™ as well. I make sure I receive regular calibrations – keeping my vibration up so I am a clear tuning fork for you. I’ve also witnessed countless clients experience these shifts as well.

Are these shifts permanent?

The more consistent you are with receiving sessions, the more your vibrational setpoint is raised. You begin to experience increased emotional steadiness as you go about your days, weeks and months which opens the pathways for you to more easily attract your highest desires. Your experience of life becomes one of spiritual awe as your happiness becomes less and less attached to a certain outcome. 

While one session can absolutely create a permanent shift, the transformation is the most palpable and lasting when you experience consistent calibrations (sessions).

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Abraham-Hicks Processes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks. (That’s definitely an understatement!) When inspired to, I will often use one of the 22 processes from the book, Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks to help you shift your perception/vibration on a certain topic.


An Invitation

I’m inviting you on a journey to calibrate your vibration and find your steadiness on all topics in your life that are important to you.

In your first session with me, you get to experience a significant vibrational shift on at least one topic – a shift that allows you to see that topic from a higher perspective than ever before. This shift allows you to disconnect from negative, limiting beliefs and connect with your new belief (or knowing) – a knowing that is there to support your unique discovery of all things important to you on that subject.

How to Get Started

If you would like to experience this vibrational shift for yourself, simply click the button to book an Initial Session with me.

Initial sessions are up to 90 minutes in length. In addition to this appointment being a full 60-minute coaching session, 30 additional minutes are reserved for a consultative discussion on whether an on-going coaching program with me is right for you.

I can’t wait to meet you!




Rhonda’s knowledge of Abraham-Hicks and her coaching has helped so many people – including me. The Evoke Method™ is a powerful tool that shifts your vibration in what actually is a very easy and enjoyable process using your imagination. I am so grateful I’ve met Rhonda and benefited from her coaching. It is truly life-changing.


Melanie H

I’ve had multiple sessions with Rhonda on many topics, including career, money and feeling less stressed about my food choices. In my last session, I wanted to experience more ease around money. Since then, I’ve noticed a shift around my relationship with spending. There’s definitely more freedom and ease present and I’m so enjoying the unfolding of even MORE abundance as I begin my new training as a health coach.



Before my first coaching session with Rhonda, my stress level was through the roof. I had just lost 75% of my clients due to the pandemic. Over a few sessions, Rhonda helped me manage my anxiety and find an abundance mentality which immediately resulted in new clients. 



Moving to a new city and starting over can be a challenge. I’ve had multiple private sessions with Rhonda where she helped me shift my vibration from feeling frustrated and alone to feeling enthusiastic about my future. As a result, I began to have a more positive outlook about my living situation. I started dating and making new friends and things keep getting better!



Rhonda helped me develop a new freedom around food, weight, and body image. Giving myself permission to enjoy food (really enjoy it – guilt free!) and trust what my body wants to eat is invaluable. This freedom from guilt and worry has flowed over into my personal life, as well. I so appreciate Rhonda’s coaching and highly recommend her!



My biggest take-away from Rhonda’s coaching is that I can create a new story about any area in my life. If things aren’t going the way I want them to, I now ask myself, what’s the story I keep repeating and what’s a new story I want to tell? The work Rhonda is doing is important and impacting so many lives. If you get a chance to work with her, I highly recommend it!  


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